Many of the Symposium participants will need an accommodation, for this reason we suggest to book in advance your overnight stay to avoid problems at the last minute.

Should you need an accommodation, here you can find a selection of some of the available accommodation options and book it. In order to help you finding an accommodation, we selected some hotels for you.

  • Hotel Giotto***, Piazzale Pontecorvo 33, Padova, tel.  +39 049 8761845 (map)
  • Hotel Igea***, Via Ospedale 87, Padova, tel. +39 049 8750577 (map)
  • Hotel M14***, Via Acquette 9, Padova, tel. +39 0498762011 (map)
  • Hotel Royal***, Via Gattamelata 29, Padova, tel. +39 0498075647 (map)
  • Hotel Sant’Antonio***, Via San Fermo 118, Padova, tel. +39 049 8751393 (map)
  • Hotel Verdi***, Via Dondi dell’Orologio 7, Padova, tel. 039 049 8364163 (map)

If you can’t find what you need or you want to search an accommodation for a stay in the surroundings (Venice, Verona…), we suggest to have a look at the website for a wider selection of hotels.

If you are searching for a roommate to share the costs for a room during your stay in Padova, we prepared a Google sheet in order to help you. Please use our Room Sharing List.