The 1st Symposium on Space Educational Activities aims to provide a comprehensive overview of space-related activities conducted by university student teams and young professional teams from different countries. Presentations will focus on various classes of experiment platforms such as CubeSats (e.g. QB50 and the Fly your Thesis! programme), sounding rockets and balloons (e.g. REXUS/BEXUS programme), drop towers (e.g. Drop your Thesis! programme), centrifuges (e.g. Spin your Thesis! programme), etc. Besides providing an opportunity for dissemination of information about educational and research activities, this event will be a chance to share experiences among students and young professionals from different countries and network with international researchers. Another goal of the symposium is to elevate the understanding of academic and government institutions of the importance of hands-on activities in the preparation of the next generation of space scientists and engineers.

In accordance to the objectives outlined above, participants are invited to submit papers based on their original research for oral or poster presentation. Experiments from past and on-going projects, as well as products and capabilities of the space industry will also be displayed in a dedicated exhibition area. The final day of the event will feature the one-day SGAC European Student Workshop organised by the Space Generation Advisory Council as a forum to discuss the ideas presented at the Symposium and to develop relevant recommendations for policy makers and other stakeholders on how hands-on activities could be better implemented as part of educational programs in space studies within Europe.


Papers on space-related, experiment projects carried out by university students and young professional teams are invited.
The scientific / technical topics will include:
– Space systems technologies
– Launch & re-entry systems
– Land & aerial vehicles
– Environmental physics and chemistry
– Astronomy & Astrophysics
– Astrobiology
– Space medicine
– Gravity-related research
– Space Education strategies, programmes & initiatives

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